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but that hippie was dirty and i had a hose.

the inmate takes over the asylum.

juliet is bleeding.
28 January
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I'm a person just like you
But I have better things to do
Than mark my hands with an X
Being underfoot, the punk rock pest
I drink when I want, smoke sometimes too
I'm not an addict so what's with you
I don't waste my time
Preaching my adolescent mind

I'm not straight edge

I'm a person just like you
But I have better things to do
Than be abusive with teen angst
Because I have some growing pains
Laugh at the thought of your X'd hands
Don't be pissed, I don't hate you man
But don't start shit you brainwashed fuck
Because you think you're so damn punk

I'm not straight edge

I'm a person just like you
But I got better things to do
Than sit around and judge my friends
Or preach about life's dead ends
I have no problems if you don't drink
But you're not better, if that's what you think
A punk rock religion whose future's bleak
Your scene is a cop out for the weak

"Don't mock me for my actions
I'm in control of my reactions"

Quod me nutrit, me destruit.

"I believe... that if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Then find someone whose life has given them vodka and have a party."
--Ron White

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